We are Moving




We are currently moving the KusKatStudio website to a brand new place.  Here at http://www.kuskat.be the stories goes to an end.  Please stay tuned for the next few week to see our new fantastic Website.


Katelijn Smissaert

We are sorry to show only a few blog post because of that.

About KusKatStudio

At the beginning life was in Belgium, where a vivid interest in visual arts made me study painting and animation movies. After some exhibitions and movie festivals it was time to look for bigger horizons. With my bike I crossed hills and valleys until I found my harbour in Porto. This was where Kuskat was created, inspired by a little girl and my grandmother’s old sewing machine. It all started with one small drawing that led to a big family of characters, and suddenly they were all gaining life on the sewing buttons, aprons and t-shirts, everything handmade. The first reactions encouraged me to develop new ideas such as bread bags, quilts and baby blankets. Every item is original and has its own story, and as long there’s imagination and love for what I do Kuskat’s stories will go on… Visit us at www.kuskatstudio.com and I'm blogging at https://www.kuskatstudio.com/blog

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