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Vindimas in the Douro Valley and KusKatStudio



It has been a while since I have been taking up the typing machine to write you a blog post.  In the meantime lots of things have changed.  KusKatdesigns moved to a new atelier, and with a new place comes a new name,


In my new Studio new drawings and figures are coming to life, two bright new collections are being created, new techniques are being experimented and a new website is getting ready to be shared with the word wide net.

Lets say, the last months have been very, very productive and creative.

But more about that I will share with you for the next weeks coming.

Douro valley, cycling rio Tua, Port wine

(source: Katelijn Smissaert, Douro Valley)

This time of the year is when its time for ‘Vindimas’. The picking of the wine grapes, the gentle feast of crushing the mature grapes with the bare feet’s, some music and a good cup of last years wine.

Porto is known worldwide for its ‘Vinho do Porto’, Port wine.

A sweet red/white fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro Valley.

But what is less know is the good quality of real wine that is produced in the Douro region, as well as the wines of the other regions of Portugal ( Alentejo, Tejo, Dão, Palmela, …).

Last year I was asked by Olga of the Olga Santos Gallery to make a costume figure for the wine of Paulo Santos.   And with this new character I created Products like a wine apron, a wine bottle bag, a bread bag, and wine glass coasters.  Carefully embroidered on 100% natural cotton.

wine glass

And as the Douro valley this time of the year is flocked with people

ready to have some beautiful Red feet’s,

you can understand where the inspiration came from

If you are interested  in the process of the wine here at the Douro Valley, you might want to see the pictures of Douro exclusive of Ana Carvalho and Marcio Pinto.  They are specialised in giving people the best Douro Valley experience.  Check out there website here.

As for me, I still prefer my good old bicycle to cycle over the hills and inside the valleys.

Hope you enjoyed the big red feet’s.


Katelijn Smissaert

For costume illustrations and products, please contact me here

One more picture for the road:


(source: A nossa Quinta de Candoz)

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Lady in Red, Cotton Apron and Breadbag (L) KusKat red


Red Cotton Apron with front pocket, 100% red and wine red cotton,embroidery.

French Bread’ Bag 67 by 3o cm ( fits up to 5 baguettes), 100% red cotton, embroidery

Character ‘KusKat’, series of natural colored thread painting
All the aprons and Bread bags  are made out of durable material.
Embroidery with polyester thread, washable up to 30 degrees.

Available at my Etsy shop here

Bread Basket extendable with top


Bread basket with top, 50% linen 50% cotton, 20 cm Ø, normal is 20 cm high, extended is 40 cm high, possible with closing strap, washable