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Little mermaid ‘Poissondrieke’ meets bubble quilting




Christmas timing is coming closer and I wanted to share with you what my little mermaid has been up to.  Last time I showed you my latest illustration and the little bags I embroidered and painted with it.  This week it is time for Poissondrieke to swim her way up to your screen (or hands).  I used a very fine quilting with natural shapes to surround her, from water bubbles to leaves.  And of course her hear straps are flooding around while she greats you with a smile. And although it is not common for a nautical creature to like flowers, Poissondrieke has a favourite!  The white Lilium Arum flower, which  has a shape between flower and leaf and knows herself to hide very well in shape, if it was not for the difference in colour ( and I think that’s why Poissondrieke likes her so much, the hide and seek part).  So here you have some of my embroidery quilted pouches with Poissondrieke :


Embroidery quilted Smart phone pouch, green

A light green embroidered iPhone/smart phone pouch, sleeve with a lovely flower patterned lining. 100% cotton, custom made to fit your phone.

Available here


Embroidery quilted blue zipper pouch / purse Poissondrieke

A dark blue zipper pouch embroidered with Poissondrieke on one side, and a Lilium Arum flower surrounded by leaves on the other side.  The inside lining has been quilted through, so you have a very nice relief as a lining.

Can be used as a small make up pouch, a hand camera bag, a small purse, wallet, storage bag, bridesmaid gift,…

Available here


Embroidery quilted zipper pouch of light green Velvet.

This lovely zipper pouch is made out of light green velvet cotton fabric and together with the embroidery it gives a soft, unique texture. On the inside you can find a natural coloured 100% cotton twill.

This bag fits very well as night out clutch, make up pouch, a small hand purse, wallet, bridesmaid gift, …

Available here


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All products are available at http://www.kuskatstudio.etsy.com or through personal message here

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Quilt KusKat with flowers and pictures of te process


quilt kuskat (534x800)

Quilt KusKat and Flowers

Quilt 220 cm by 130 cm, aprox 87” by 51″ inch, in 100% Cotton, applique and embroidery, polyester quilters batting. The figure is the main character of KusKat, flowers include Lilium(Lelies), Arum (aronskelk) and daisy (Margarietjes)
This Quilt is handmade and made to order.  Please send me a message if you have any question or are interested in ordering.

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Cotton Baby Blanket ‘Starry Nightblue Sleepy Head’ and pictures of te process


Starry Nightblue Sleepy Head

Starry Night Blue Sleepy Head

Original and Unique Cotton Baby Blanket
This Baby blanket is handmade and made to order

The size is 120 cm long by 90 cm width, aprox 35″ by 47″ inch  (possible in different sizes)

The blankets top, applique and bottom are made out of 100% cotton, the interlining is Polyester batting.

On the front side you have a unique tread painted and appliqued illustration. Thread painting is a free motion machine embroidery. It allows you to naturally draw with the thread on different fabric. The illustration is titled ‘Starry Nightblue Sleepy head’

Any questions, feel free to send me a message

Available at my etsy shop here or send me a personal message here

The Process


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Lady in Red, Cotton Apron and Breadbag (L) KusKat red


Red Cotton Apron with front pocket, 100% red and wine red cotton,embroidery.

French Bread’ Bag 67 by 3o cm ( fits up to 5 baguettes), 100% red cotton, embroidery

Character ‘KusKat’, series of natural colored thread painting
All the aprons and Bread bags  are made out of durable material.
Embroidery with polyester thread, washable up to 30 degrees.

Available at my Etsy shop here